New Spec Philosophy Revision

I never actually thought I would finish the spec in time for revision, so with a week spare before the external exams start, I am now frantically putting together revision lessons that will cover the topics quickly and efficiently, whilst still covering all the key must know elements with exam practice (I think I now need caffeine on a drip!)

This is how I am going to do it.

Lesson Plans:

(Follow same structure for Philosophy, Ethics and Christian Thought)

Student lead:

Give students out an A3 blank sheet. Fold into 3 columns. Label: Good to go I know, Sort of know, Panic: No clue.

Using revision packs work through each section on ‘Must Learn Information’ (just OCR spec requirements found on OCR website) and using post – it notes students to fill in each bullet point and stick it in relevant column.


 Then using text books, research and write notes in ‘Text Book Notes’ section (revision packs) starting with Panic: No clue areas.

Fill in glossaries and quizzes for each section.

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Revision Packs

All revision packs are now available (including the newly added DCT pack) 🙂

New spec:

rev pack1        ethics   DCT pack


Legacy Spec for Re-Sitters:

legacy philo          legacy ethics


A2 Legacy Spec:

rev pack    rev ethic


I am currently warming up my crystal ball for my A2 predications and will post them shortly. I will not be making any predications for the New Spec (as I have absolutely no clue!) However I have written the potential question sections in each booklet so I guess they might count as my predictions. Best way for AS re-sitters to predict questions/ themes is just to study past questions (found in the above packs) and see which part of the spec hasn’t had a question in a while – that’s how I do it 🙂

Christian Moral Action: DCT

Preview of Lesson Plans:

Research: Using phones ‘Who was Dietrich Bonhoeffer?’ – Bubble of findings – share in pairs/ groups

PP: work through first four slides outlining the German Christian Church, National Socialist State and Bonhoeffer’s involvement with these

Activity: Select one image from the worksheet – Justify to your partner why you find this one interesting.

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“Utilitarianism is more useful than Kantian Ethics when dealing with ethical dilemmas” Discuss: Student’s Work

Writing application essays can be very difficult. You not only are juggling your topic with evaluation but applying it to an ethical issue. In this case, the question is even harder  because you also have two compare two topics together. Now you could just talk about ethical dilemmas in general and whether Utilitarianism or Kant is more useful. However I think you run the risk of producing a vague and bland answer. I would stick with the dilemmas surrounding Business Ethics (this is what your examiners are really looking for.) So before you start writing decide which 2-3 dilemmas or issues you are going to talk about (e.g. sweatshops, treatment of employees, whistleblowers, globalization etc.)

This is an example of what I would class as a good introduction.  This is because it displays to an examiner all the necessary elements in a simple and clear way, yet remaining informative (not descriptive) and is effective in the way it handles the question. From reading this introduction it is obvious what the question is. Always a sign of a good start!


When answering a question that specifies two theories (Util and Kant in this case) then you need to decide your four paragraph rule for each – this is your structure. It is only four paragraphs (not the usual five: The Five Paragraph Rule) because you are required to compare two theories rather than one (e.g. unlike the Natural Law and Euthanasia question I blogged about previously)- therefore you need time to explain and evaluate  both.

Four paragraph rule=

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Christian Moral Principles: DCT

Preview of Lesson Plans:

Power Point: Discussion question – How do you make moral decisions? –Pair/ group discussion – share ideas as class

PP: first 3 slides

In pairs or groups write down three strengths and three weaknesses of reading the Bible literally or taking a Bible-believing approach.

Share as class

PP: Further evaluation slide

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Top Five Best Selling Resources

Thank you for your on-going support for both the blog and the store through feedback and comments. Due to popular demand I am currently putting together a revision pack for the legacy AS papers (for any A2’s re-sitting AS papers. The philosophy pack can now be found at: and ethics at: and I plan on doing a Christian Thought DCT revision pack for May half term (if time allows). Two further blogs featuring student’s work are also in the pipeline.

If there is anything else I could help with just leave a comment or contact me via the Homepage 🙂

Here are the top five current most popular resources:

  1. Philosophy Revision Pack: R.S New Specrev pack1
  2. Ethics Revision Pack: R.S New Spec

  3. Essay Writing Technique Booklet

  4. Augustine Lesson Pack: R.S New Spec

  5. Business Ethics Lesson Pack: R.S New Specbusiness1

For access to all my power points, lesson packs, revision packs for AS and A2 and more please go to: