Gender and Society: A2 DCT

I am really looking forward to this unit. I am expecting fireworks! I have planned in  a lot of group and class discussions because this is such a topical debate and one that is very current to our students. So I am going to use this opportunity to delve into what they really know and think about issues such as gender neutral identity and equality of men and women.

I will be setting out my discussions clearly with ground rules:

  1. No talking over each other
  2. Be respectful and polite to opposing views
  3. Explain and justify your reasons for your view
  4. Back up with examples
  5. Do not talk when someone else is

I am also giving them a work sheet so that any quiet students, who do not wish to speak during discussions, can involve themselves by writing down their views and the views of other students. I am going to play the role of board scribe (to document relevant points) and facilitator. See discussion tips for more ideas.

Preview of Lesson Plan:

A3 Birds and the Bees worksheet. Students must define the words from their own understanding.

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Religious Pluralism and Society: A2 DCT

Preview of Lesson Plans:

A4 sheet of paper – fold into three columns. Students to use notes from previous topic to create a summary sheet of main ideas.

Discuss answers  from quiz (see if it raises any good discussion about pluralism, multi faith society, inter faith dialogue ect such as ‘why do you think your parents sent you to a faith school? Are they Christian, go to Church?)

Work through PP slides

Essay Practice:

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Religious Pluralism and Theology: A2 DCT

Preview of Lesson Plans:

Research: Give each pair ten minutes to research a major religion (Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism or Islam) and write down 10 key features about the faith including prominent people (who they are, why they are prominent?) and texts.

Put all students who have researched a specific religion into one group and together they have to decide on ten features for their whole group.

On board draw four bubbles and label them. Hand out to every student an A3 piece of paper.

In groups students go to the board and write their top ten around their bubble. (Teacher to watch for any incorrect pieces of information.)

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Panic “My Exam is Tomorrow!” Must Read for New Spec Christian Thought

I am in the dark with everyone else when it comes to giving last minute tips for the Christianhqdefault Thought topics. Unlike Philosophy and Ethics, which have altered slightly, they are still very similar to the legacy A2 questions, therefore have a level of predictability as far as technique and last minute tips (see: Must Read for New Spec Philosophy and Must Read for New Spec Ethics to help).

So my last minute words of advice for Christian Thought were simply three things:

  1. Use the words in the question throughout your answer
  2. Add critical words with ‘because’ throughout to emphasize evaluation
  3. Add as many glossary/ key words as possible and link back to the question.

Good Luck

This might help last minute revision.

DCT pack

2017 Questions:


Christian Moral Action: DCT

Preview of Lesson Plans:

Research: Using phones ‘Who was Dietrich Bonhoeffer?’ – Bubble of findings – share in pairs/ groups

PP: work through first four slides outlining the German Christian Church, National Socialist State and Bonhoeffer’s involvement with these

Activity: Select one image from the worksheet – Justify to your partner why you find this one interesting.

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Christian Moral Principles: DCT

Preview of Lesson Plans:

Power Point: Discussion question – How do you make moral decisions? –Pair/ group discussion – share ideas as class

PP: first 3 slides

In pairs or groups write down three strengths and three weaknesses of reading the Bible literally or taking a Bible-believing approach.

Share as class

PP: Further evaluation slide

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