Liberation Theology and Marx: A2 DCT


Preview of Lesson Plans:

Research task (sheets in booklet)

  1. Watch: and fill in the fact file on Marx
  2. Answer the questions on Marxism (found on the worksheet)

PP: Slide one: Using your research – how would a Marxist explain the meaning of this image?

PP slides: 3-7 covering what Liberation Theology is, where is began and what it promotes and then how it links to Marxism and capitalism.

Worksheet: Using the quotes from Marx answer the questions – using phones if necessary to find meaning of any words unsure of.

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Challenge of Secularism: A2 DCT

Preview of Lesson Plans:

  • Discussion question: Do you think Britain is secular? Yes/no – share as a class (note: students interpret this Q to mean less Christian so use as a way to explain the difference between decline in Christianity vs meaning of secular)
  • PP: slides 2-3 (use the pp slides to structure the next few activities/ discussion points)
  • What does Feuerbach’s quote mean?feuerbach.png
  • Answer: Why do people need religion? Discuss varies answers as a class
  • Activity: Create a fact file on Freud explaining his views on why religion is seen as wish fulfilment, a delusion and unhealthy

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First Year Exam Paper Breakdown: DCT Death and Afterlife Question

Here’s a break down of a student’s answer for the question on Death and Afterlife from the new spec exams 2016 (first years).

Critically assess the view that in Christian Teaching all people will be saved (30)

OCR marks given for student’s answer:
A01 15/15
A02 15/15

These are the main paragraphs of the student’s exam answer:

DCT 1 u.jpg

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Pluralism and Theology: Student’s Work

There are a number of techniques I use when setting an essay for homework:

  1. I give students a choice of questions (e.g 1 from 3). Not so they have a choice (even though this is similar to exam) but because I get a wealth of material that covers more areas of the spec as examples – it also breaks up the marking a bit!
  2. I start by setting essay writing homework for just the introduction and first main paragraph. Why? So I can check the essay writing technique is correct first. I don’t need to read 2/3 sides if the student has not understood the paragraph technique (point-explain-example- layered evaluation, with a 25% A01 vs 75% A02 split).
  3. Students do not complete these under timed conditions and can use class notes/power points because it is important that students first of all develop the right technique. Once the students have learnt this technique it is then possible to start bringing in timed conditions.
  4. On deadline day I give the students a number of highlighters. So in this case one highlighter for the main words  (I pick) in the question and any use of critical terms. This shows me quickly if they have answered the question and evaluated. If there is a gap in highlighting I give them an immediate chance to re-drat. There is no point me marking work to state the obvious, it is also a very valuable self assessment process they need for the exam.

    So here are some examples taken from my students’ work covering two DCT Pluralism questions:

There is no other means of salvation but through Christ.

intro dct.JPG

This is a sophisticated introduction for a few reasons. It is not the quote or definition that makes this sophisticated but the way the student links the quote and definition back to the question in both cases (light blue). This introduction also has an evaluative tone (purple) and engages with the question (yellow – I picked ‘ no other means’ to highlight, whereas students had focused on ‘salvation’ and ‘Christ’, so this shows them to never ignore words in the question).

The first main paragraph of this essay reads:

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Gender and Theology: A2 DCT

Please find power point for first half of Gender and Theology. What a topic!! After a week of going round in circles with Mary Daly (I have never come across this lady nor experienced anything like this) I finally got fingers to keyboard and then 22 slides later realize that Rosemary Radford Ruether hasn’t even made an appearance. Result…two power points.

Second power point on Rosemary Radford Ruether:

Preview of Lesson Plan:

Discuss in pairs/ groups strengths and weaknesses (A02) of:

  • The patriarchal understanding of Christianity is mistaken and that a better, truer, non-sexist interpretation can be found
  • Christianity needs reinterpreting without the patriarchal elements, cleansed of their distorting influences
  • Christianity is intrinsically sexist and so flawed it should be discarded with all its sexist practices and beliefs.

Write down answers on worksheet table. Share views as a class

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Gender and Society: A2 DCT

I am really looking forward to this unit. I am expecting fireworks! I have planned in  a lot of group and class discussions because this is such a topical debate and one that is very current to our students. So I am going to use this opportunity to delve into what they really know and think about issues such as gender neutral identity and equality of men and women.

I will be setting out my discussions clearly with ground rules:

  1. No talking over each other
  2. Be respectful and polite to opposing views
  3. Explain and justify your reasons for your view
  4. Back up with examples
  5. Do not talk when someone else is

I am also giving them a work sheet so that any quiet students, who do not wish to speak during discussions, can involve themselves by writing down their views and the views of other students. I am going to play the role of board scribe (to document relevant points) and facilitator. See discussion tips for more ideas.

Preview of Lesson Plan:

A3 Birds and the Bees worksheet. Students must define the words from their own understanding.

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