The origins of ‘Mark with Me’

In September, I excitedly ordered 2 top mark papers back from each A2 exam. I was so pleased that after two years I had a selection of exam answers to work from and set the standard. I also of course wanted to do as many blogs as possible to share the information…then they arrived and I realised I had 18 answers sat in front of me. So after 3 months of trying to motivate myself to start working through the papers, alongside settling in new classes and all the inevitable start of term stresses, it just wasn’t happening. So my busy blogger’s brain started, how was I going to share all of this invaluable information without endless screen shots, highlighting and footnote commentaries? The answer…why not film myself analysing the papers instead!

Here is my first attempt (after many false starts and numerous edits when I couldn’t read certain words)

Second attempt:

I hope you find them useful. I will post all new videos on YouTube and you can access them on the blog via: Mark With Me 


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