Conscience: A2 Ethics

Preview of lesson plan:

  • Movie maker (Conscience) – 1 min to write down as many images can remember
  • Go round room – each student gives one image.
  • Discuss different images – what they mean and why they there.

Conscience bubble: What is it? Where does it come from?

Discussion questions in groups (table). Discuss answers as a class.

Ppt: Slides 1-3. Students create bubble for:

‘How much can you remember from Natural Law?’

Share as a class

If you would like a Lesson Pack with activities and worksheets, that complements the power point, please click on the image below:


You can own a copy of the power point. Just click on the image below to download this product quickly and safely, so that you can adapt it for your students year on year (for a small charge).

conscience 1

Go to guide:

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