Top Five Best Selling Resources

Thank you for your on-going support for both the blog and the store through feedback and comments. Due to popular demand I am currently putting together a revision pack for the legacy AS papers (for any A2’s re-sitting AS papers. The philosophy pack can now be found at: and ethics at: and I plan on doing a Christian Thought DCT revision pack for May half term (if time allows). Two further blogs featuring student’s work are also in the pipeline.

If there is anything else I could help with just leave a comment or contact me via the Homepage 🙂

Here are the top five current most popular resources:

  1. Philosophy Revision Pack: R.S New Specrev pack1
  2. Ethics Revision Pack: R.S New Spec

  3. Essay Writing Technique Booklet

  4. Augustine Lesson Pack: R.S New Spec

  5. Business Ethics Lesson Pack: R.S New Specbusiness1

For access to all my power points, lesson packs, revision packs for AS and A2 and more please go to:

2 thoughts on “Top Five Best Selling Resources

  1. Julie Stewart

    Thank you for all that you are doing. Your selfless approach in sharing your excellent resources has supported our preparation, not only in giving superb ideas, buy also in giving much needed confidence that we are doing the right thing.


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