Realistic Revision for New Spec

How is it that time already!! With a whirlwind new spec approaching the finish line, legacy A2 students flying the nest and legacy AS re-sits (to boost those grades) it just all feels a little too much.

The New Spec Philosophy exam commences in five weeks. The exam timetable (not that you need reminding) is:

  • Philosophy: 18th May
  • Ethics: 25th May
  • Christian Thought: 9th June

What this means is that students need to stagger their revision. My advise is start at the beginning and use the Easter ‘holidays’ (I use the term ‘holidays’ loosely because this near to an exam is not really a holiday – plenty of time in summer for that!) to focus on revising all of Philosophy and starting Ethics (e.g. first three topics).

I am not setting my students flipped learning or reading packs for the last two Christian Thought topics that I have left to cover. This is because I am a control freak (there I’ve said it)! If they cover it with me, I know then it is covered! Also the DCT exam is not for another 9 weeks!! That is plenty of time to revise Christian Thought and teach the last two topics. Yes it means that the students have less revision time in lesson but what is easier – students teaching themselves  a topic or revising material already covered in class. My answer = revise on your own and teach new materials in class. I am also going to set my students a full philosophy mock exam when they return after Easter – with three new questions under the 1.15 time constraints with no notes or help. This will really bring home the reality of the exam, with time to spare to do something about it!

So what is the best way to revise the new spec? cover.JPGMy solution is always the same: key words, quiz questions, planning potential answers, text book notes and spec analysis. These cover all the main elements needed. If students know their key words and spec requirements = C grade, if they can plan potential answers this will help ease the pressure off the exam and if they do a little wider reading this will support higher grades.

Yes there is a lot for students to remember (20 topics in total) but the exams are over a four week period. With support, essay practice, minimizing materials to ‘Must Know Information’ and a bit of hard work – it can be done!

If you would like a copy of the revision packs, which include summary sheets, glossaries, potential questions, click on the images below (for a small charge):

rev pack1


DCT now available:

DCT pack

I’ve also put together something for the Legacy A2 students which might help:

rev pack  rev ethic

I also have in the works a blog looking at students work that compares Kant and Util to Business, so I will post that asap and I have set my students the challenge of their first DCT essay over Easter (to compliment their revision of course) so will post feedback on that.

Between planning, marking and blogging you would think I wouldn’t have time for that cheeky glass of vino ;-)!!


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