Progress Plan: What is your current location?

In order for students to progress, they need to have an honest and clear representation of their current location. Teachers spend countless hours marking essays, tests and other assessment pieces in order for students to know how they are doing. But do they really know? Do students equate marks, grades and feedback on work to their current performance outcomes? I wasn’t convinced, therefore to guarantee that my student were on the same page as me, I designed the sheet below which is easy to complete and effective for highlighting current performance.

You will notice that students fill in their latest essay mark and their result from the KKE (see Assessing the Obvious: Key Knowledge Tests). This is because students sometimes have excellent knowledge recall but struggle with essays writing, other’s pick up the technique but don’t have the knowledge. By finding the average of the two, this gives students an honest reflection of their current progress and also highlights which specific area needs more practice/ revision.

Students then fill in their own clear strategies (targets) to improve and the grade they wish (need to) achieve in R.S.

This once again gives ownership to the students. It is their grade therefore their responsibility to put in the work, achieve their targets and thus leave with the grade they deserve.



If you would like a copy of this worksheet please go to TES Resources for your free download.


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