Situation Ethics: Religious Approaches

Preview of Lesson Plans:

Scenarios (selection of Fletcher’s examples)– discuss in groups/ pairs – share views as class

PP: answering discussing questions and creating an Agape Day card

Cut/ stick activity: 6 propositions – put into own words

In pairs/ small groups write down 4 strengths and 4 weaknesses of SE?

Finish PP


Venn diagram comparing NL to SE


If you would like a Lesson Pack with activities and worksheets, that complements the power point, please click on the image below:


You can own a copy of the power point. Just click on the image below to download this product quickly and safely, so that you can adapt it for your students year on year (for a small charge).


Revision Support:

This 42 page pack contains quizzes, glossaries, summary sheets, essay tips and possible exam questions to help structure your revision for all six of the AS ethics topics. It also provides space for notes and outlines the spec requirements. Everything you need to get your revision off to a flying start!


Go to Guide:

Going for top grades?

Recommended extended reading/ quote source (links to Amazon below):

Situation Ethics: A New Morality: The New Morality (Library of Theological Ethics)

Recommended viewing (links to Amazon below):

Louis Theroux – The Odd, the Bad and the Godly [DVD]

This box set has an episode called The Most Hated Family in America. It looks at the Westborough Baptist Church. A really good documentary that without any doubt will have your students discussing ethical ideas in no time. The question is – should we show them the agape love that they do not show others?


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