Problem of Evil and the Holocaust

When students use examples or reference evil in their exam essays do they really know the evil which they speak of? In order to ensure that my students each have a basic knowledge of the Holocaust I go off spec (sharp intake of breath) and add in a lesson which is dedicated to the remembrance of those that where affected during and after these events.

This is my lesson plan:

Students use washable marker pens to write their student number on their forearms (this links to the plenary).

Watch the movie maker – discuss any images afterwards that unsure about.

Students in groups will work through the packs of pictures, adding the post it notes to what they think is happening (pictures include Eva Braun with friends, baby Hitler, Aryan family, Jewish family etc).

Discuss views of pictures (e.g. would they kill baby Hitler if they had the choice?)

Students will start the Holocaust Thoughts sheet as the power point explains the key details –answering questions as go through.


Discuss ideas and how these link to the POE – complete sheet


Type their student number into the Auschwitz website. Who was in the camp with their number? This makes it about the individuals not just the facts. To find out more about why I do this activity please read: It is all about the number…

For more Holocaust lesson ideas see: Lesson Ideas for Teaching the Holocaust. For creating a Holocaust student memorial see: Leaving a Lasting Impression. For a Holocaust trip see: Holocaust Memorial Museum UK

For a copy of the power point go to TES Resources for your free download and TES Resources for the worksheet.

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The Reader [DVD]


2 thoughts on “Problem of Evil and the Holocaust

  1. Julie Stewart


    thank you so much

    what you post is so very helpful, but its also great to know that someone is working in the same way

    you are amazing and so kind to share your ides and resources

    thank you

    Julie Stewart

    Wales High School

    01909 771291




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