Essay Plans: Supporting New Spec Revision

My students are currently preparing themselves for their first mock exam. This is a college initiative to monitor progress of students and establish their current working at grade. For my students it is the first opportunity to write a full essay under timed conditions without notes. My conclusion: this is fairly daunting for them.

So in order to support them as much as possible, I have created a quick booklet with two questions per topic, which I would like them to use to aid their revision. I am going to collect the booklets in to check understanding and make sure there are no obvious mistakes in knowledge etc.

Front cover of booklet:

Essay Plans Philosophy

  1. What quote would you use in the introduction to catch the examiners attention/ engage with the topic area?
  2. Which key names/ arguments will you use?
  3. How will you link these points to the question?
  4. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each name/ argument?
  5. How will you further criticise/ support/ defend against this initial evaluation?

You need to still justify whether the philosopher/ argument is strong/ weak, convincing/ not convincing, logical/ illogical etc. – so decide your perspective before you start to plan!

 Questions within the booklet:

  1. Critically assess, using examples, Plato’s understanding of reality.
  2. “An argument based on reason is more reliable than an argument based on senses.” Discuss
  3. Critically compare Plato’s Form of the Good and Aristotle’s Prime Mover
  4. Evaluate Aristotle’s argument of teleology and the Four Causes
  5. “Aristotle’s view that the soul is the form of the body which cannot be separated is coherent.” Discuss
  6. “The only way to understand the idea of the mind is by physical or material interactions”
  7. “Evolution logically explains design without the need of God.” Discuss
  8. “Any evidence of design in the world does not mean God exists” Discuss
  9. “Hume’s criticisms against the Cosmological argument are coherent.” Discuss
  10. “The Big Bang is the only logical explanation for the beginning of the universe” Discuss
  11. “Anselm successfully avoids Gaunilo’s weaknesses” Discuss
  12. “The Ontological argument successfully justifies belief in God.”



To view all available teacher and student materials click on: R.S Resources. This digital goods store will allow you to quickly and safely download all materials (for a small charge). These include PowerPoints, lesson packs (with all worksheets and activities) key knowledge test packs (with answers), essay writing skills pack, revision packs and much more. I am always uploading new materials (as and when I cover them with my students) so it is worth checking regularly. These are all the materials I use with my own students, so they are tried and tested and available for you to download, keep and adapt over the years.

Revision bubbles/ advice and sample questions with guidance found in:


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