Soul, Mind and Body: Philosophical Language and Thought

Preview of lesson plans:

Quote (found on PowerPoint): pairs/ groups discuss what does Aquinas mean?

Discussion questions (found on PowerPoint): pairs/ small groups explore ideas surrounding what makes a human being.Plato.PNG

Bubble: everything I can remember about Plato (focus on key words too)

Work through PowerPoint (up to slide 12), discussing ideas and potential issues as going along (e.g. do all the characteristics of the soul actually work?)

Alien Landing: Sheet with collection of images (images used on PowerPoint) students need to use images to explain to partner (as if they were an alien) what they mean. Take it in turns.

Students summarise ideas on sheet.

One minute (in pairs) tell your partner everything you can remember about Plato’s ideas, switch, other partner on Aristotle.


Same activity, same pairs, same philosopher but this time one minute on why their argument works/is convincing.

PowerPoint (slides 12-21) Discuss ideas, quotes and potential evaluation

A3 sheet with boxes linking different critics to specific thinkers – transferring information learnt into another format.

Fill out glossaries: key words/ names

Example of: Philosopher Soul Speed Dating

You can own a copy of the power point. Just click on the image below to download this product quickly and safely, so that you can adapt it for your students year on year (for a small charge).


If you would like a Lesson Pack with activities and worksheets, that complements the power point, please click on the image below:

mind lesson 1

Revision Podcast designed to support A Level students in their revision for the OCR new spec content. It is a live revision lesson following the ppt (found on YouTube) alongside a student filling out a ‘coverall’ worksheet (for coverall worksheets):

Go to guide:

Going for top grades?

Recommended extended reading/ quote source:

Recommended viewing (links to Amazon below):

Robocop [DVD] [2014]

This film was a real pleasant surprise. It was one of those films I was expecting to just sit back and enjoy a bit of mindless action. No such luck when I am a philosophy teacher! Throughout the film links to personal identity, the  concept of soul and the connection between the soul and body were evident. Worth a watch.


5 thoughts on “Soul, Mind and Body: Philosophical Language and Thought

  1. Claire Ward

    Hi there, I have found this really useful information! How do I use this as a powerpoint and resources that I can print out? IS there a place I can down load these from?
    Thanks! They are fab!


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