Plato: Ancient Philosophical Influences


Preview of lesson plans:

What is Philosophy?

Philosophy Movie Maker (found here)

1 minute write down all images/ music

Go round room each student gives one image – Put on board

Post it note – ‘What is the Meaning of Philosophy’ – share views

Power point on Socrates (found here)

Discuss in pairs Socrates Death picture/ share contributions as a class

The Forms:

PowerPoint above: Epistemology, discussion of what is knowledge (first two slides)

Have in common activity (put a selection of attractive celebrities together and students have to work out what they have in common. Answer: beauty)

Power Point on Forms – discuss Hericlitus quote

Brain Break: Fill in Glossary

You can own a copy of the power point. Just click on the image below to download this product quickly and safely, so that you can adapt it for your students year on year (for a small charge).


If you would like a Lesson Pack with activities and worksheets, that complements the power point, please click on the image below:

Plato lesson 1

To view all available teacher and student materials click on: R.S Resources. This digital goods store will allow you to quickly and safely download all materials (for a small charge). These include PowerPoints, lesson packs (with all worksheets and activities) key knowledge test packs (with answers), essay writing skills pack, revision packs and much more. I am always uploading new materials (as and when I cover them with my students) so it is worth checking regularly. These are all the materials I use with my own students, so they are tried and tested and available for you to download, keep and adapt over the years.

To see evidence of some of the work by my students (following the assessment activity found in the Lesson Pack)  please go to: ‘Critically assess the effectiveness of Plato’s arguments for understanding reality’: Student answers

Go to guide:

Revision Support:

This 52 page pack contains quizzes, glossaries, summary sheets, essay tips and possible exam questions to help structure your revision for all eight of the AS philosophy topics. It also provides space for notes and outlines the spec requirements. Everything you need to get your revision off to a flying start!

philo pack

This 20 page pack contains a C grade minimum quiz and a Higher level quiz covering all Philosophy topics. It also includes worksheets featuring topic jumbles for the Arguments for Existence of God, Problem of Evil and Religious Experience. Everything you need to take your revision to the next level.


Going for top grades?

Recommended extended reading/ quote source:

Recommended viewing (links to Amazon below):

The Truman Show

Complete Matrix Trilogy [Blu-ray] [1999] [Region Free]


3 thoughts on “Plato: Ancient Philosophical Influences

  1. Jane

    Wow have found this so helpful but scary as I have never taught Plato or Aristotle before – first year with OCR and a bit dazed to be honest! Would appreciate your PowerPoint and worksheets though I fear the calibre of my student a little less academic . Thanks for any help


  2. Katie Bullard

    Me too actually. If there’s a chance I could have any of the powerpoints and sheets, I’d be grateful. I’ve never taught Plato or Aristotle at a level and am feeling rather confused as to what to expect from the essays. I’ve also never taught a global essay before so was really hoping I might find some samples of what an essay might look like. Thanks so much – what’s here is so helpful.


    1. Thanks for your message Katie. I have emailed you my powerpoints and worksheets for Plato and Aristotle. Keep an eye on my blog because I am trying to post samples of work and currently preparing to post a full essay on Aristotle which may help. Thanks


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