Predictions for AS Ethics

possibilitiesPredicting AS ethics questions is much harder. Why? Because there are so many more variations of questions you could get asked. So my predications are sourced from: what has not been on previous exams for a while and what will no longer be taught in the new syllabus. With this in mind:

  • Natural Law has not been specifically asked for a while
  • Abortion, GE and War and Peace will not be taught on the new spec
  • Singer’s Preference Utilitarianism will not be taught on the new spec.

Ethics question papers cover a lot more of the content than philosophy, therefore you need to be really prepared for any topic/ question. Check out “What would Kant say about Abortion? Who knows!” Tackling the Application Essays to help with structuring and answering application questions. Check out “What does that mean?” Understanding AS Ethics Questions to understand what different ethics questions want from you. Finally check out Consulting the Crystal Ball: Predicting your AS Ethics Questions to understand the different types of ethics questions.

Good Luck!

 Any students re-sitting the AS legacy papers (Philosophy or Ethics) I could not recommend these workbooks enough! Fantastic revision tool to test your knowledge and to prepare you for your exam.

OCR AS Religious Studies Unit G572 Workbook: Religious Ethics by Wilcockson, Michael (2014) Paperback

OCR AS Religious Studies Unit G571 Workbook: Philosophy of Religion

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