My James

'The%20Heart-rending%20Story%20of%20James%20Bulger%20By%20His%20Father'%20book%20cover.jpg“It always comes back. I still feel the same, but I think you just learn to live with it a bit, just live with the pain.”

This story has the capability of touching the hearts of even the toughest of people. This book shows how evil can strike the most innocent of lives and, in this case, a two-year-old boy on a shopping trip with his mum.

This completely random act of moral evil, committed by two children, is quite soul crushing. It raises questions such as: ‘If two young boys are capable of such horrors, what are other, older people capable of doing? Are any of us safe?’

This book is a true eye-opener to just how close evil truly is to each and everyone of us.

~Philosophy Bookworm.~




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