Panic “My Exam is Tomorrow!” Must Read for AS R.S (Old Spec)

New Spec Predictions: PhilosophyEthics and DCT

Each year on the night before my student’s exam I post these comments on Facebook. I am not a believer in last minute revision (you are welcome to disagree with me ) as I believe the best approach is lots of sleep. However these final tips might make all the difference to your exam and involve little work (and hopefully help ease your mind):

  1. Remember all you need to get 16/25 (C grade) in a part a) is a few key words (explained), lots of examples and plenty of links back to the question. So easy-peasy-lemon-squeezyeven if you only learn a few points and then rewrite these few points in lots of different ways in your answer, with summaries and links back to the question you will get a C grade.
  2. Remember all you need to get 6/10 (C grade) in a part b) is two points of view and a conclusion that answers the question = easy peasy!!
    So: argument that agrees with the question and say why this view is good or bad. Give a view that disagrees with the question and say whether this point is good or bad. Then say which of the two arguments wins = write your conclusion from this (check out: Writing the ‘Perfect’ Part B)
  3. Fail safe points: God of Gaps, Burden of Proof or Big Bang can be used against most Christian/ God perspectives (see link above which explains these).
  4. Don’t forget to learn 1-2 biblical stories e.g Hannah’s prayer and Job’s test


Remember that my power points on SlideShare are very intense because they cover everything you could possibly need to get an A grade, so there is lots and lots of information. You DO NOT need to worry about all of this, you just need to focus on understanding the main elements (check out post: Must Know: C grade Minimum) and everything else will flow in the exam.

 1. Answer the question
2. Give lots of examples/ explanation of key words (treat the examiners as if they are new to the subject)

(Please remember these are the recommendations that I give to my students based on the experiences that I have had over the years with this exam and do not necessarily coincide with what your teacher may have said.)

Don’t forget to: SHOW OFF! This is your last opportunity to show what you have done over the last year. The examiners can only mark what you write – make it count!



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