Must Know: C grade Minimum for AS

This is a table showing the must know information to achieve a C grade for AS Philosophy (use as a revision checklist):

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 20.27.43.png

Here is a table showing the must know information to achieve a C grade for AS Ethics (use as a revision checklist):

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 20.33.21

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 20.33.32

General Writing tips:

  • Do not use slang e.g. OK/ Okay or etc.
  • You must answer the question in the first paragraph
  • Answer the question asked (not what you think is being asked or hoped would be asked!). Use the words in the question and explain what they mean (check out: “What does that mean?” Understanding AS Ethics Questions)
  • No short hand!! No SOL or NL
  • Always put ‘because’!! According to Kant all life should be protected because…
  • If question says ‘compare’ use words like: a similarity, another difference, a further comparison, another link, on the one hand…on the other

But you don’t just want a C grade really do you? Here are my quick pointers to achieve those top marks in a part a)

  • Revise a couple of quotes that could be used in multiple answers from a wider reading source e.g. a philosopher not studied (i.e. “By all means let’s be open minded but not so open minded that our brains drop out” Dawkins –who else?!?) If you do use a quote (or Biblical passage – always good) write afterwards what it means in your own words and apply to question: this means/ this shows… (see post: “Oh no I need to revise!” Top Revision Tips for further support)
  • Use lots of examples to explain your points: don’t forget to treat the examiner as if they haven’t studied the subject.
  • Explain all key (new) words you are using. Avoid cramming them all into one sentence. Take your time and give each new ski-davos460_1505988cword/ idea its own sentence.
  • Everything you write must be relevant to the question. Or make everything you write relevant to the question; otherwise you will not get marks.
    If the question asks for a specific person/ argument do not go off-piste and bring in another thinkers (even if they also talk about that theory) as it is not relevant to the question you have been asked!
  • Do NOT criticise or put your view across = waste of time.



2 thoughts on “Must Know: C grade Minimum for AS

  1. Elizabeth

    Thanks this is all really helpful, however, wanted to ask, are the tables of essential things to know the same as Edexcel exam board?


    1. Hi Elizabeth, thank you for your question. This is only designed for the OCR exam board. You would have to double check with your teacher and the Edexcel website’s current specifications to know for sure. I am sorry I cannot be of anymore assistance.


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